What products do you use?

I use Sexy Hair and Paul Mitchell for hair and MAC, OCC, MUD, and Urban Decay for makeup. None of my hair or makeup products are tested on animals. They are all cruelty free.


Can you accommodate larger bridal parties?

Yes. Depending on the size of the party and/or start time I may bring in another makeup artist to help.


Where will you travel to?

I will travel anywhere. There may be a travel fee to some locations.


How do you like my hair for the trial and day of the wedding?

I like your hair to be washed and blown out the night before. Please do not use too much product or a flat iron on your hair after you wash it and blow it out. Also please do not wet your hair the day you intend to get your hair done. It needs to be completely dry when you get to me.


I have a picture of a style I like. Can you work from a picture?

Yes. I prefer people to have pictures of hair and makeup that they have found and liked. This way we both know we are on the same page.


You are coming to my house to do my hair and/or makeup. What will you need?

I will need:
– Table
– Chair
– Electricity
– Ample lighting


I have sensitive skin or am allergic to many products. Can you use my products instead of yours?

Absolutely! I can work with any product and would prefer that rather then making you uncomfortable.


What will I need to touch up my makeup on the wedding day?

You will need rice paper or blotting papers to remove any oil. A pressed powder will also work. You will also need your lip product. Everything else will not move.